Mountstone’s maiden blog

So, here is our first blog on the new site! Also an update of current works to show you guys what we have been up to.

We’ve modernised our site and made improvements to increase user engagement. For starters, it’s now responsive which allows for easier navigation on mobile devices.

We’ve added a portfolio page where we will constantly add new projects for you to browse through – we do get some peculiar and bespoke jobs that we think you will find interesting. The other addition to the website is a blog page which you’re currently viewing. This will include news, current jobs, updates and lots of other enticing content…if we get the time to do so!

Enough of the website gossip, have a look around yourselves and explore what we have on show.

You’re probably thinking what we’ve been up to since you last heard from us. We have projects going on all around the place but here’s a nice one we’re working on at Canary Wharf in London. This is an installation we’re doing for a communications provider. Mountstone Applications were asked to make their offices identifiable and decorative.

3D lettering to stressed wood walls

3D lettering to stressed wood walls



Plenty of wall coverings



These walls may look plain but are infact covered in dry-wipe vinyl ready to be drawn on!

The client is over the moon with what the team have done so far. Just a few more door signs to put up then on to the next big one. We will continue to expand the content on this site so keep checking back for the latest news or subscribe to our blog via email below.

Author: Johnnie Martin